Key instructors


Prof. Tamir Tuller

Primary instructor

Prof. Tamir Tuller research interests include: 1) Computational biology and bioinformatics. 2) Computational synthetic biology and systems biology. 3) Developing mathematical and physical models of biological systems (usually intra-cellular process such as gene translation) and biological phenomena. 4) Developing algorithms and statistical approaches for solving problems in molecular biology. 5) Theoretical analysis of algorithms in the molecular biology. 6) Analysis of large-scale genomic data.

Dan Alon1.jpg

Mr. Dan Mark Alon

Secondary instructor

Mr. Dan Mark Alon, PhD candidate in the school of molecular cell biology and biotechnology. 
my study focus on engineering in vivo self assembling ssDNA systems,creating DNA nanorobots and ssDNA encapsulation by implementing a synthetic biology approach

Adi Yanni1.jpg

Mrs. Adi Yannai

Secondary instructor

Mrs. Adi Yanni, PhD student at the life science faculty. My research includes developing synthetic biology tools for working with undomesticated bacteria and, finding new antibiotic resistance genes from a variety of metagenomics. I participated in the iGEM competition as part of the 2015 Technion team.